D.E.S.S. A.R.T.

(Applications des Réseaux et de la Télématique)

Université Denis Diderot (Paris 7)
From September 1999 to June 2000
Description of the qualification

D.E.S.S. Application des Réseaux et de la Télématique – Mention fairly well
Specialisation : Telecommunication Systems / Networks


(Electronique, Electrotechnique et Automatisme) Opt.« Informatique Industrielle »

Université d’Orsay (Paris 11)
From September 1998 to June 1999
Description of the qualification

Maîtrise Electronique, Electrotechnique et Automatisme, option “Informatique Industrielle”.

Specialization : Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Automation Opt. “Industrial Informatics”.


(Electronique, Electrotechnique et Automatisme)

Université d’Orsay (Paris 11)
From September 1997 to June 1998
Description of the qualification

Licence Electronique, Electrotechnique et Automatisme, mention faily well
Specialization : Electronics, Electrotechnics and Automation

D.E.U.G. M.I.A.S.

(Mathématiques et Informatique Appliquées aux Sciences)

Université d’Orsay (Paris 11)
From September 1994 to January 1997
Description of the qualification

D.E.U.G. Mathématiques et Informatique Appliquées aux Sciences

Specialization : Mathematics / Computer Science



Lycée Francisque Sarcey (Dourdan)
From September 1993 to June 1994
Description of the qualification

Baccalauréat Général Scientifique.


C, Pascal(Turbo-Pascal), CAML, MATLAB, HTML, VBScript, Java, JavaScript, NodeJS, ASP, SQL, Perl, PHP, Python, Shell, R (beginner)

Manipulation of standard formats (json, yaml …)


  • Implementing a private cloud with OpenStack (eNovance/RedHat)
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • RH253 : “Red Hat Linux Networking and Security Administration – Administration réseau et sécurité Red Hat Enterprise Linux”

    RH401 : “Red Hat Enterprise Deployment & Systems Management – Déploiement, virtualisation et gestion des systèmes Red Hat Enterprise Linux”

    RH442 : “Red Hat Enterprise system monitoring and performance tuning – Surveillance du système et optimisation des performances de Red Hat Enterprise Linux”

    RH436 : “Red Hat Enterprise Clustering and Storage Management – Gestion du stockage de Red Hat en entreprise”

  • Riak (NoSql, Basho Technologies)
  • Theory, Architecture, Data Model, Devops

  • VMware
  • “VMware vSphere 4.1, Install, Configure, Manage (ESX,ESXi)”

    “VMware vSphere, Troubleshooting (ESX,ESXi)”

  • JBoss (Red Hat)
  • JB346 : “Advanced JBoss Administration (EAP 5)”

  • HP-UX
  • “HP Superdome Servers and HP-UX 11i Operating System Overview”

    “HP-UX 11i v2 Administration for Experienced, HP-UX Administrators”

  • Tripwire
  • Tripwire Certified

  • Cloudera Custom Training for Apache Hadoop
  • Containerizing Software Applications (Red Hat)


  • Materials
  • IBM(xSeries,BladeCenter),Compaq(Proliant),Dell(PowerEdge),Sun(E10K,E450,E220,U10,U5)

  • Operating Systems
    (Linux: Mandrake 7,8 – Debian 2,3,4,5 – Ubuntu 6,8,9,10 – RedHat 7,8,RHEL3-4-5-6
    Solaris 6,7,8,10
    Unixware 7
    FreeBSD 4,6,7
    OpenBSD 2,3,4)

  • Administration – Distributed Installations
  • Jumpstart(Sun),Kickstart(Redhat),Tftp/BootPXE

    Distributions: Satellite RHN,Repositories Apt-Yum (ex. Mrepo)

  • Administration – Backup/Restore
  • Systemimager(rsync),Mondo/Mindi

  • Administration – Monitoring/Stats
  • Collectd, Syslog-NG(syslog),Nagios(NRPE, snmp),Zabbix, Cacti(snmp), Logstash, Flume, Kibana, Graphite, Grafana

  • Administration – APM (Application Performance Monitoring)
  • AppDynamics, New Relic, Packetbeat

  • Administration – Deployments/Configurations managers
  • Cfengine, Puppet, Ansible

  • Administration – Inventories
  • SCC,OCSInventoryNG

  • Administration – Versioning systems
  • SVN,GIT (Gitlab,Gogs)

DEV/OPS Tools, Code quality & review, Continuous Integration,   Dependency Management, Deployment, CMS, Office tools, Collaborative tools, Project managment, Old exploitation tools

  • Administration DevOps CI
  • Jenkins,Gitlab

  • Administration DevOps Code Integration repositories
  • various artifactories (ex. JFrog) or repositories (ex. npm registries)

  • Administration DevOps Code Integration quality, review, search & support
  • SonarQube, code test (ex. Pytest)

  • DevOps HashiCorp products
  • Terraform (deployments), Packer (images), Vagrant (portable dev. env.)

  • DevOps API management
  • Swagger, Postman

  • Implementation and advanced knowledge of CMS (cmsmatrix), CRM or various collaboration tools
  • Joomla,Drupal,Ezpublish,WebGUI(Perl),Wiki,SPIP,AlfrescoSugarCRMOpenUpload,Owncloud

  • Office tools or other collaboration tools
  • Microsoft Office,OpenOffice/LibreOffice Confluence, Flowdock/Slack
    Usage of a lot of online tools (preference for their OpenSource equivalence or usage with private hosting)

  • Other tools (non open source products, agents knowledge)
  • Backup/Restore : TSM(Tivoli), Monitoring/Stats: TNG(CA), Installation/Deployment: USD(CA), Inventory: AMO(CA)

Services / Softwares

  • “Cloud” Services
  • OpenStack

    AWS (Cloudformations/Services Catalogs, ressources : DirectConnect, VPC, EC2, SG, ELB, RDS, DynamoDB, Elastic  Beanstalk, Lambdas, API GAteway, SQS, SNS…),


  • “Cloud” Services Serverless Lambda functions
  • Apex

  • “Containers” Services
  • Dockers/Kubernetes OpenShift

  • “Network” Services
  • Commutateurs: Xylan,Cisco; 4-7:ServerIron,Alteon
    Routeurs: Cisco,Juniper
    Firewall: PIX,Checkpoint(Solaris,Nokia),Netscreen,Iptables,NuFW
    Sondes: Snort,Acid
    DNS: Bind(ISC),Microsoft
    DHCP: DHCP(ISC),Microsoft

  • “SGBD/SGBDR/NOSQL” Services
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, Riak, MongoDB, Couchbase, Redis, Elasticsearch, Hadoop (HBase)

  • “Web” Services
  • Proxies: Squid(Squidguard,auth.),Ironport
    Reverses Proxies: Squid(auth.),Apache(Modsecurity),Pound,Nginx
    Web: Apache,IIS
    Servlets: Tomcat,Jenkins
    J2EE : JBoss,Weblogic

  • “Mails” Services
  • Postfix,Sendmail,Spamassassin(Mimedefang,Spamd),Procmail

  • “Directories” Services
  • Openldap(ppolicy),MS

  • “Antivirus” Services
  • TrendMicro,McAfee,Clamav

  • “Authentication” Services
  • Activcard/SmartCard(radius),FreeRadius(radius,tacacs),Samba/Kerberos,Openldap(ldaps),EtrustAccessControl

  • “PKI” Services
  • OpenCA

  • “Secure access” Services
  • F-Secure,OpenVPN

  • Virtualization / Application Virtualization
  • KVM,VMware(ESXi), XEN, Oracle VM

  • Security (various tools)
  • portknocking(knockd),rootkits(rkhunter),sealing(aide,tripwire)

I’m looking to integrate a dynamic team that cares about its information system in order to satisfy its end customers.

I’m interested in all aspects and stages of a project (from conception to implementation).

I’m particularly attracted by the Open Source domain (softwares and operating systems).

My experience in integrating Linux/BSD of all types (infrastructure servers, application servers, central servers) in different domains (web hosting, messaging, business) allows me to define and provide strong solutions (stable, standardized, exploitable) and scalable solutions to cover better all of needs.

44 years old - maried - 3 childrens

French "Permis B"

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